Finding the best price ugg boots online has a lot of advantage that you shop it in a physical store. Humans have discovered the enormous versatility and sheer practicality of animal skins tens of thousands of years ago, and scientists have yet to come up with a synthetic material that will match or equal all the benefits that we enjoy from animal skins. People are generally aware of the fact that natural products such as leather have all the qualities that suit our needs.

A genuine leather product, be it a handbag, shoe or garment has become virtually unaffordable for the average person worldwide. Synthetic alternatives have flooded the markets from East to West. They are readily available, trendy and very affordable for everyone. The constantly changing world of fashion has also made it the preferred choice of the masses.

Sheepskin products are one of those products that have become increasingly popular and in demand all over the world. China, Australia and New Zealand are amongst the top sheep farming countries, and therefore wool producers, in the world. Australia and New Zealand are well known for their quality meat exports as well as their high quality wool products.

An American company took advantage of this situation and started to manufacture and market Australian sheepskin boots and shoes – and this was the beginning of the UGG shoe empire. Sheepskin footwear was elevated to a status never before seen in the fashion industry. These magnificent and high quality footwear became a huge success and particularly so amongst the well known Hollywood stars and other celebrities. It seems as if everyone is wearing them!

If you own a pair of UGG’s you will most likely be considered “with it” or “in”. The trendy and high tech designs, durability as well as all the added natural qualities of pure wool has turned it into a sought after product. Because of wool’s natural ability to take easily to dye these products are made in a wide variety of colors. It has also boosted the sales of sheepskin products generally. This in turn has helped small or obscure factories that have been well known only by the locals; receive a much wider scope of interest and business. There are many of these small companies handed down from generation to generation that manufacture unique and quality handmade products.

What are the Benefits of Sheepskin?

Wool is well known for the ability to breathe with your body; in other words it has the capacity to insulate heat in cold weather but in a warmer climate it will actually absorb excess body moisture and help keep it cool. At the same time this incredibly versatile fabric will keep body odors down to a minimum. These natural properties make it ideal for footwear.

The heat insulating power of natural soft wool is largely due to the amount of elasticity present as well as its felting capacity. Air pockets occur naturally in woolen materials no matter how close the fabric has been felted. It is precisely because of these air pockets that wool becomes non-conductive; or in general terms it does not easily catch fire. If wool does catch fire, it tends to smolder and then die out soon. Because of this non-conductive property it in turn gives wool the kind of insulation that makes it the ideal choice for footwear or clothing. Besides wool being resistant to all types of bacteria as well as mildew; its low flammability makes it an all around better choice to wear for children and adults alike. Wool garments has been the traditional clothing for people in the cold Northern Regions of the world as well as Arabic peoples living in the desert. In Australia it is not uncommon or strange to see young ladies wearing sheepskin footwear along with their miniskirts or bikinis. In fact it would be the ideal choice if you are looking for comfort in sweltering heat.

Natural Sheepskin – Providing Natural Foot Care

The use of natural sheepskin to wrap around wounds and perpetuate healing has been known by mankind for ages. Nowadays, treated natural sheepskin is used for all kinds of ailments. The unique design of the wool fiber gives it the ability to help with blood circulation. Those afflicted with rheumatism or aches and pains anywhere in the body can find relief sleeping on a natural sheepskin rug or blanket.

Sheepskin eliminates sleep discomfort for those confined to a bed for a long period of time. The chances of bedsores developing are at the same time cut down to a minimum. If you have an elbow or ankle injury a natural sheepskin wrap will put much less pressure on the sore points and is therefore a lot more comfortable to wear.

Sheepskin is of enormous benefit to mankind, whether in a shoe or a blanket – designed by nature, and providing many natural health and comfort benefits. Inspired from Australia, UGG shoes and boots utilize the best properties of natural wool and sheepskin for a product line as practical as it is popular.

Jeremy Foster is a freelance writer who writes about topics concerning clothing and the fashion industry, often discussing certain brands such as Clarks Shoes

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