UGG boots are probably the most comfortable winter footwear. They are warm and cozy and soft and when you wear them even in the most extreme winter conditions your feet feel snug and pampered in a soft, warm wooly cloud. Classic mini boot II this ugg boots for women was originally worn by surfers to keep warm after early-morning sessions, and has since become iconic for its soft sheepskin and enduring design.

UGG boots originate in Australia, where they were first made many years 200 ago and mainly worn by Australian surfers, and the word UGG in Australian, just means “sheepskin boot”.

Although many people hate their looks, UGG boots have become very popular and fashionable in recent years. Real, authentic UGGs are actually very high quality sheepskin boots. They are made of high quality twin faced Merino sheepskin, they are very sturdy, soft, flexible and durable. Authentic Australian UGGs have no visible defects, they have perfect stitching all around, thick high quality fleece lining and thick, sturdy but very flexible soles.

Real UGGs are quite expensive. This, combined with the fact that they are so popular, make them very prone to imitations and counterfeiting. The market has been submerged with counterfeit UGG boots, which are sometimes quite hard to distinguish from the authentic articles. Although some imitations are actually quite good, most are low quality copies of the original, made with cheap or fake sheepskin, thin and straggly fleece lining, faulty stitching that soon starts coming apart, flimsy and badly shaped, low quality rubber soles.

Although there are many ways to tell a pair of authentic UGGs from a pair of fake UGGs, it is very difficult to do so when buying online, when you cannot actually inspect the product you are buying and this is how most counterfeit UGG outlets choose to sell their products. There are thousands of stories of trusting customers who have ordered UGGs online and either never got their orders or got really cheap quality imitations that were not even worth the low prices paid for them. Any attempt to contact these sellers usually fails, as these sites tend to disappear or change their contact details on a regular basis in order to escape possible lawsuits. If you search for the term “cheap UGG boots” on the web, you will get many results saying that due to customer complaints “this site was taken down” or similar.

This is not to say that you cannot get good deals on UGG boots online. You can, but you have to know where to look for, you must make certain that the site you are ordering from is an authorized UGG store or outlet. Beware of very low prices. Real UGGs are never very cheap and if they are advertised as such, chances are that they are not authentic. Be careful of sites with fishy names and no contact phone or not accepting returns. If in doubt, you can go here and check whether the site in question has been branded as counterfeit or is an authorized UGG retailer. Get now this authentic UGG boots.

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