No one wants to have to take a call on the phone like this, “I hope you are sitting down, as I have some very sad news for you…” What follows is a conversation about someone you loved who has died. The closer the relative the deeper the pain and shock.

We all know that the one thing that is still certain in life, is death. The other one taxed, not so certain, as we have noticed with the recent government review of the top companies like Apple, Microsoft, Google and friends, who with clever accounting practices are able to not pay any tax at all.

So with certainty of death for us all, we should be better prepared to deal with such phone calls, but somehow we are not. It goes against our grain, to think that one day we will die. Leave this planet and be only around in peoples memories for a short time. As most of us will be forgotten once our direct relatives and friends are all gone as well.

funeral-prepaid-planningThis is all the more reason to celebrate the life of a friend or relative when they have passed away, with a funeral with distinction. For your own sakes, and the good memories of the one you have lost. Funeral planning is now a common practice, that many people turn to, to get the unavoidable dealt with well in advance of the actual event occurring.

Prepaid funeral plans can be structured and paid for by one’s self and can be a load of the minds of your relatives. Not having to deal with this sort of strain can turn an awful event into some resembling bearable in most cases, when the burden of organising it post mortem is avoided.

Speaking to a funeral director before you need to is a wise thing to plan. Most funeral parlours can offer suitable plans according to ones budget, so it is wise to take this onboard and prepare before the time comes and goes and then it is left up to the loved ones who remain.

One thing to be aware of is there are unscrupulous operators out there, as the video below points out. Just make sure you do your homework before signing up with an unknown company.