Stickers are a mainstay of advertising campaigns, specifically because they are durable, eye-catching, customizable and cost-effective. Bumper stickers and similar decals are especially popular among many people who like to personalize their vehicle exteriors. Digital printing technology allows nearly limitless possibilities for sticker design, and you can order your finished designs in bulk for a relatively inexpensive price. Stickers are small and compact enough for you to hand them out at your main business location, at local fairs you attend or at other special events your company participates in. If you process online customer orders and send purchased products through the mail, including a free bumper sticker is an easy and effective way to allow your existing customers to spread the word about your business. We specialize in customizing stickers Sydney to any shapes & sizes.

Advantages of Bumper Stickers

High quality bumper stickers are manufactured from weather-resistant material such as vinyl with strong adhesive backing. Once applied to a surface, these stickers will not curl up at the edges or otherwise loosen. They will also stand up to harsh elements, including rain, snow, hail and sleet. Keeping a bumper sticker clean is simply a matter of wiping off surface dirt with a wet cloth. A number of bumper stickers are now fabricated not to leave messy residue behind once the vehicle owner decides to remove them.

A well-placed bumper sticker can be an excellent advertising option because potential customers will learn your business name wherever the vehicle owner happens to drive. Including your website address on your bumper stickers is a smart way to allow interested people to look up more information about your business. Since a large number of individuals now have smartphones, they can do so without the need to wait until they get home. For this reason, adding your site URL or a QR code to bumper stickers is even more important now than in the recent past.

Custom Sticker Design Options

Design versatility is another major benefit of stickers for advertising. Traditional bumper stickers are shaped like narrow rectangles, but you are by no means limited to this shape. You can find a wide range of creative possibilities, including sizes, color combinations and screened graphics. You can incorporate your company logo and selected colors into a sticker design, and these can be adjusted according to the size and shape of the stickers you want to use.

In addition to standard shapes such as circles or squares, you can even have them designed in specialty shapes that relate to your type of business. Examples could be a hammer if you sell tools and hardware or a cupcake if you run a bakery. The same design idea can apply to many different types of products and services.

Adding Stickers to Your Advertising Efforts

Ordering advertising stickers from a professional printer involves submitting your design ideas, the total number of stickers you want printed, the specific sticker dimensions and any other information. If you have only a rough idea of the sticker design you want, some printers will also give you tips and suggestions to help you come up with a visually catchy logo and color scheme. Professional print shops can even include specialty effects, such as letters that appear three-dimensional or that change colors when the sticker is tilted different directions.

Another important part of advertising with stickers is to consider your target market and where they are the most likely to see one of your stickers posted on a car bumper or other object. Stickers and decals are definitely not limited to vehicle exteriors; your current and potential customers can also place them on their laptop computers, three-ring binders, book covers or locker doors. You will see the best possible return on your sticker advertising if your customers are likely to place them where many other pairs of eyes will see them.

Stickers are favorite advertising mediums because you can use them for all types of products and services. Printing stickers is fairly inexpensive, and high quality ones will have a visually appealing effect. You have a large number of creative possibilities for sticker design, and those with unique shapes are sure to stand out from the competition. They are also excellent choices for you to give out as small promotional items to your customers. Have an excellent choice in choosing a promotional tools, get in touch with us now.