So you’ve decided to get a pool in your yard but you’re not sure what kinds of pool products you’ll need to maintain your new purchase. Indeed, if you are new to pool ownership there is a lot to learn. Pool covers, heaters, brushes, chemicals, vacuums, and pumps are just a few of the pool products that you’ll likely need to consider buying to maintain your pool. Still depending on where you live, how often you use your pool and even the kind of pool you are installing you may or may not need all the pool products listed here. And, let’s not forget the most fun pool products: swimming toys and games. Pool removal cost Sydney is not expensive as constructing your pool from the start.

Pool Maintenance Equipment:

Probably the most important pool products you will buy are the products that help you keep your pool in good condition. Brushes, leaf skimmers, and vacuums are all necessary for maintaining the cleanliness of your pool and surrounding deck.

Pool brushes are necessary for keeping the sides and floor of your pool clean and free from algae. While you will likely use certain chemicals to kill algae and other organic materials, a pool brush takes cleaning to the next level. Brushing your pool regularly helps to remove algae that has built up but also prevents algae from growing on the pool. Regular brushing will also extend the life of the surface of your pool by preventing the build up of minerals. Brushing also helps to release dirt so that it can be removed by your pool filter.

Pool filters then are another obvious requirement for safe and clean pool water. Pool filters run pool water through them and catch larger particles to cleanse the water in your pool. As such, pool pumps are another necessary (and usually included product) for your swimming pool. Pumps are a motorized system that forces water to flow through the filter system so that debris can be removed.

Leaf skimmers have a fairly obvious function – removing debris from the water in your pool. Basically, a leaf skimmer is kind of like a butterfly net where you have a finely woven net at the end of a long rod. Leaf skimmers can be used to remove organic materials like leaves and dirt but can also be used for removing dead bugs and other unwanted objects. All pool owners should invest in a decent leaf skimmer as it is one of the basics of pool maintenance.

If you live in a cooler climate or your pool has little exposure to sunlight then you will likely need to purchase a pool heater. There are basically 3 types of pool heaters that you can buy: solar heaters, natural gas heaters, and heat pump heaters. Each of these types of heaters has its benefits and you should consult a professional to determine the best option for you.

Pool Chemicals:

Pool chemicals are another important product for maintaining the water and condition of your pool. Chemicals are essentially designed to kill impurities (such as algae or other organic compounds), to prevent the spread of bacteria or viruses in your pool, and to keep the water in your pool looking crystal clear. There are a wide range of chemical pool products that you will need to invest in including some kind of shocking system (usually chlorine), an algaecide to be administered at the end and beginning of each swimming season, clarifiers, and a pH balancing agent. It is important that your pool water is kept clean and balanced so that it is safe for all swimmers.

Pool Toys:

Now anybody who is buying or installing a pool knows that the main reason for having a pool is fun. So, any discussion of pool products that excludes pool toys would not only be boring but also incomplete. When you’re shopping for pool toys, you really need to keep in mind the age of the swimmers you’re expecting to host. If you know that you’ll have many small children swimming in your pool then floatation devices such as baby buoys are an excellent product. These types of toys allow children to safely play in the pool.

Games like water polo are especially fun for older swimmers like teenagers and adults. Playing water polo requires a bit more swimming confidence which is why it is more suited to more capable swimmers. Water polo sets typically come with one or two goals, a ball, and some rules. You could also try getting a water basketball set which might be a bit more versatile. Basically, the rules of water basketball are the same so this pool product is easy to adapt to all levels and ages of swimmers.

Finally, for a bit of adult fun you could consider getting floating snack bars where you can serve your friends snacks and drinks while you’re relaxing in the pool on a hot summer’s day.

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