Every homeowner wants to have a dream house; sadly enough, not everyone gets to fulfill such a dream. In many cases, there is no choice but to live in an ordinary home with a generic layout and design that has already been used on hundreds of other houses. Wouldn’t it be nice to truly live in a house that has been custom-built according to an owner’s specifications? According to most home builders, it is indeed possible to live in a custom-built house more easily than might be thought. Working on Sydney’s northern beaches & north shore, we build custom built homes Sydney that are the pinnacle of residential construction.

Tract vs. Custom Home

One of the downsides of buying a tract house frequently is poor quality materials and craftsmanship. In most cases, inexpensive and low-grade material is used in order to minimize construction costs and maximize a builder’s profit margin. To reach the number of units to be constructed, labor hours required to finish each project are reduced, which results in poor workmanship as employees have a shorter amount of time to complete the tasks. The net result is a poor quality house with inferior material and results.

With a custom made house, features and specifications can be individually chosen and tailor fit according to the number of rooms, the size of the living area, the size of the garage as well as the interior and the exterior design, among to name a few. The quality of the material being used as well as the quality of the work can be monitored as the project progresses.

Custom Home Considerations

Many things need to be considered when considering a custom-built home. Following are a few of the steps that need to happen to achieve the desirable outcome.

  • Choose Site – Before coming up with a design or a plan, the first thing to do selecting a lot for the building. The location, size, type of soil, and prevailing weather conditions of the area have a lot to do with the design. The architect will create a design from these factors, so it is important to first secure a site before anything else.
  • Set Budget – Building a custom home is not for the faint-hearted. Unlike tract-built houses, custom ones cost more due to the labor cost as well as the material cost. When pursuing a custom design, establish a budget and have the architect develop a plan to suit those needs, adding some lee-way since the cost of material often fluctuates. A project could be delayed due to lack of financing for extra items that are needed further into the building process.
  • Choose Architect – The architect has one of the biggest roles in the project, so selection of a competent and skilled one is really important. Ask for referrals from friends and co-workers; before hiring one to create a plan, look at any previous designs to see if that work is appropriate for the desired building appearance.
  • Create Plan – Coming up with a custom design should be a collaboration between the architect and the client. The architect should come up with a plan based on client needs. For example, the number of rooms, the size of the garage and other such requirements as well as the look and feel to be achieved enters into such a plan. Once the requirements have been established, the architect should then come up with a design and present it to the client for approval
  • Hire Contractor – The contractor has a large influence on the outcome of a project; therefore, it is important that the contractor have sufficient skilled manpower to implement the established master plan. Before settling on one, have several make bids on the project. Look at how long each one requires for completing the project and what the final cost should be. If possible check the quality of previous construction to see which home builder can deliver quality workmanship. Once a decision is made, conclude the project with a contract.

A home is where most non-working time is spent, time to relax and time to be comfortable. This is an important structure to every individual which is why it is only proper to invest the proper amount of time, money and effort to build the home that is desired and deserved. Don’t wait another minute – contact a home builder today who can turn your dream home into a custom-built reality!

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