With the help of dual action polisher both sides of my car looks a lot better than the previous days and week. Achieving your goal of owning your own car is a great accomplishment. You are now free to easily reach anywhere that you want to go from the comfort of your own set of wheels. However before you start driving up and down the country you need to be aware that the task of owning a car does not end with just buying one, you need to know how to properly take care of your car as well. To start, set up a monthly or quarterly leather conditioner reminder on your phone.

Car maintenance, even in its most basic form is something that all car owners should be aware of. You need to be able to perform tasks such as checking the engine oil, the pressure of the tyres and the condition of your brakes. You also need to take your car in for regular service sessions and wash it on a regular basis in other to protect it from extreme weather conditions such as rain and snow. All of these represent the usual steps that all car lovers should take in order to maintain vehicles.

Being able to do aspects such as the above can save you money as you don’t have to rely on the skills of a mechanic to do everything for you. All you will need is some basic tools to do the job and a bit of free time in which to do it in. So to help you achieve this see some of the maintenance facts and advice below:


In regards to safety these are one of the most important aspects of your car. It is compulsory that your brakes are kept in the best condition possible. However it is important to remember most brake problems develop gradually and do not rise to serious levels suddenly. Some of the main ways to spot potential problems within your brakes are through looking for aspects such as if there is a lot of pedal movement before the brakes begin to bite then they possibly need adjusting or if the brakes feel spongy or lack sharpness then it could be an indication of air in the system. Also if you pull on your handbrake and it takes more than a few clicks before it will hold the car on the hill then you need to get it checked out.

If you do feel there is a problem with your brakes it is important that you don’t use the car until you get them fixed.


If you are driving your car without the right amount of oil then it could be significantly damaging to your vehicle. To stop this potential problem you should check your oil on a regular basis, between every two or three weeks if possible. The best way to do this is when the engine is cool and when the car is on a flat surface.

The way you go about doing this is with the dipstick, which usually sticks out from one side of the engine. You should pull the dipstick out and wipe it clean then return it and pull it out again. When you take it out again you need to check that the oil mark is between the upper and lower limits.


Your tyres have a legal minimum tread depth. If you drive on tyres that are in poor condition or that are incorrectly inflated it is dangerous and could potential cause you to have an accident, which is why it is important that you check the pressure of your tyres.

The right amount of pressure for your tyres should be listed in your manual. It is also common that your front and back tyres would be different amounts. When you are checking the pressure on your tyres you should ensure the tyres are cold otherwise you could get a falsely high reading. If the amount shown on the pressure gauge is below the amount mentioned in your owner’s manual then you will have to inflate the tyres. If by mistake you put too much air in your tyres then you should depress the pin in the centre of the valve to let some out.


The cooling system within your car protects your engine from overheating. It is vital that you check and top-up your coolant at least once every two or three weeks, however during the hot summer months it is important that you check it more frequently.

These are just a few of the basic aspects associated with car maintenance. Ensuring all of the above will increase the life of your car and keep it running more smoothly. None of the above will take up too much of your time so make sure you fit these maintenance steps into your life and the life of your car. Get in touch with your leather experts if in case your leather has been damaged.

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