Nanolex, a renowned German brand for quality and professional car care will now be easily accessible in the Malaysian market with the launch of Nanolex Malaysia. Nanolex specializes in advanced formulations of paint sealants, cleaners, and shampoo used to polish car exterior and interior. Definitely in Sydney provides a trustworthy car care supplies that should anyone must try.

A premium car care product manufacturer from Germany is making its way into the Malaysian market through Nanolex Malaysia, the exclusive retailer and distributor in the country. Through its new website, car owners and enthusiasts alike are able to check out the various products that the brand is offering.

Nanolex became a popular international name in professional car care industry due to its top performing and long-lasting product variants that are not only able to protect automotive surfaces, but also significantly reduce required maintenance for the car.

The company was first established in Germany back in 2007, and started with creating paint sealants using their unique nano-technology design. Consequently, the brand moved to specializing on other car care products like coating, spray sealant, washcoat, glass sealant, car shampoo, and matte surface product. Other than a solid German brand, Nanolex has now several retailers and distributors over 35 countries globally.

“One of the strengths of Nanolex products is their full range of car care products are strictly tested, developed and manufactured in Germany. Signature products like Nanolex Si3D coating is able to creates durable protective layers on the applied surfaces, making them more resistant to weather, chemicals, water and dirt,” a statement from the newly launched Nanolex Malaysia website states.

Car owners also do not have to worry about damaging their current paint and other surfaces by applying any of the Nanolex products because the formulation are meant to be gentle for any surface, preserving even matte surfaces. The products are also resistant to the damages that can be caused by harsh washing detergents, so users can be confident that the sealant or coating will last longer.

The technology used in the products is also known to create “Lotus effect” on the surface where it is applied on. Like a lotus flower, when a water comes in contact with the surface applied with a Nanolex sealant, it will simply bead and roll off from the surface, thus bringing along any dirt that has accumulated.

For a full list and description of Nanolex products, you can check out their new Malaysian site at

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