THE WORLD’S FIRST INDOOR SURF CONTEST – crowds go wild… Clients and customers of all ages surf on genuine surfboards without the fear of sharks and drowning… Anyone can be a surf dude or dudette with a genuine Hawaiian Kahuna Long Board electronic surfboards. Catch a 30 foot video wave anytime and anyplace… because it is now possible with unique technology and a real surfboard. Stand on a this virtual surfboard, mimic moves a surfer would make and the action is mirrored in real time on a large monitor or projection screen. High profile clients like Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Motorola, Sony Entertainment and the Discovery Channel, Sheraton Hotels, Marriott Hotels – even the U.S. Army and U.S. Navy, have either leased or purchased this “new wave” of interactive simulation – to entertain guests at parties, events, trade show, exhibitions, grand openings and used with marketing / advertising programs.

No sand or water in your ears… The surf culture and fashion is an incredible, world-wide growing phenomenon. Due to the stressful economy and the alternative lay back lifestyle paralleled with surfing, people have adapted this cool surf theme all over the world. A simple aloha shirt, t-shirt, baggy shorts and rubber slippers is as simple and easy going as you can get. Add an electronic Hawaiian surfboard and you have a complete Island / Maui lifestyle event or “indoor surf contest party” without even traveling to Hawaii. You can realistically bring Waikiki Beach to any location in the world. People from age 3-100 all have fun while riding the genuine Hawaiian surf simulators while on dry land.

Crazy Prototype: Surfboard mounted on a Chinese wok, bed springs – powered by a Commodore 64 computer and a large 30″ projection television… It’s been more than 20 years since this tiny ad agency, a small staff staff of five, with backgrounds covering product development with Atari, Nintendo, SEGA – marketing experience with Nordic track and real Swire Properties of London real estate, promised an almost impossible campaign that they had no idea on how to deliver. The large contract would be awarded by the owner of a chain of prominent surf shops with a brand known around the world if the agency could deliver a “Virtual Indoor Surf Contest”. A “no waves or surf experience” indoor event was part of the pre-publicity plans created by the ad agency – ” A World’s First Indoor Surf Contest”. This contest publicity and advertising caused an incredible swell of customer participation and local news buzz. The event participation grew larger and larger each week during the month long indoor surf contest. It was the wildest party the store malls had ever experienced.

The “WORLD’S FIRST INDOOR SURF CONTEST”… Well, to say the least, Town and Country Surf Shops were put on the map both around the islands and nationally. The media and wire services picked up the press release and saw the local television coverage – the fire started from Japan to Europe. At the end of the month long indoor surf event, everyone knew who and where the Town and Country shop locations were. Mission accomplished! This unique and exciting Town and Country Surf indoor contest turned party launched the ad agency into a new business opportunity – “HAWAIIAN VIRTUAL INDOOR SURF CONTESTS”. Clients from Japan to Ireland began renting or purchasing these surf simulators for their own trade shows, events and corporate parties. Microsoft, Cisco Systems, Wells Fargo, Motorola and Sony Entertainment along with a variety of hotels came knocking on their door! Event and party planners were heroes when they showed up with the surf for their clients.

Set up an entire beach for your event or party in 15 minutes… Your next event, party, trade show or corporate marketing campaign can easily feature a genuine Hawaiian Surf Simulator System ( for introducing a product or service. Surf Simulators Hawaii ships all over the world in two compact cases. The entire package is lightweight, portable and can be set up in 20 minutes or less – runs off standard electrical outlets. From the moment people notice the Waikiki wave action on the screen and 8 foot surfboard on the ground connected to a computer, they get the picture of what is going on and what they want to do. Add some leis and trophies and the excitement swells like storm surf. And dig this..the actual game software can be customized to feature client names, logos, faces, videos, music and lots more! An upgraded package can come complete with 30 foot wave backdrop for photo opportunities as well as give away prizes and surf game software.

Paddle out today and catch your virtual wave – indoors… So, if you want to treat any crowd to a memorable event whether it be a trade show, party, etc. this will create all the excitement and participation you and your guests will never forget. If you can say Aloha and Mahalo, you can have this incredible system delivered to your next occasion. Feel the winds of the wild ocean and the spray on your back as you “hang ten” on some of the biggest video waves of your life! You are just a moment away from being the “Indoor Virtual Surf Champ” and winning that 3 foot tall trophy.

The author Paul Goo has a vast background in product / development design. He holds several product patents and created products from Hawaiian Bagels and Chef Kahuna Sauces featured in COSTCO all the way to products sold in Kaybee Toy stores. His company has licensed / created products for retailers such as Costco, Alberstons, etc. Product lines include: bagels, rc model kits, exotic cooking sauces, software, and more.

His list of clients and work experience include: Hawaii Tourism Authority, Microsoft, Atari, Nintendo, SEGA, Swire Properties of London, Nordic Track, Starwood Hotels, Marriott, COSTCO, Starbucks, Albertson, Sony Entertainment and many other high profile clients. He now resides in Hawaii to further his surf simulator business. []

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