Flyers and stickers are tried and true forms of advertising. Even in 2016, they are still around because they work. Despite social media, viral campaigns and online advertising, you can use flyers and stickers to effectively advertise your business. They are a very affordable marketing measure available to everyone with a possible high impact among your target audience. Learn how to harness that cost-effective power now! Our quality, customer care and ability to meet your deadline or budget is why signs Sydney is Sydney’s first choice.

In the following, we have summarized for you how flyers and stickers are very effective marketing measures for your small and medium-sized enterprise. We will also outline what information your design should include in order to maximize impact, and how you should approach distribution of your promotional material.
Flyers and Stickers are Effective Advertising for Your Business

They are cost-effective

When compared to any other form of advertising, flyers and stickers are extremely cost-effective. Online printing offers great quality at affordable prices, so they become an economic option for maximizing your return on investment. Flyers and stickers are a better use of your marketing budget than newspaper, TV, radio, or billboard ads, and they will most likely reach a larger audience.

They are simple

Everyone knows how stickers work, and people understand flyers as informational material. Once you have produced your flyers and stickers, you only need to figure out an effective distribution strategy. The act itself is as simple as handing out your printed items, yet you actually have full control over how and where you distribute your flyers or use your stickers. This allows you specifically target potential customer groups in a straightforward way. No segmented emails and no Adwords campaign required!

People use them

Think beyond the bumper: with an appealing design, stickers become a great giveaway that transforms your customers into advocates of your business. They’ll display brand loyalty by personalizing their possessions with your sticker, from lunchboxes to guitar cases to laptops and other gear important to their daily life, thus spreading the word. Likewise, people tend to save flyers for when they either have an actual need or want to tell a friend about your business. Flyers have a great potential for future conversion.

They are easy to create

Stickers are simple, that’s why they’re so effective. A well-designed logo or catchy tagline is often all it takes. In a similar way, simplification is key when it comes to flyer design. You want to catch the attention of your audience, but don’t overwhelm them. You only need to include essential information and contact details. Below, we’ll also give you important tips on effective design for your flyers and stickers. If you absolutely cannot create your own, prepare as best as you can and hire a designer.

How To Use Stickers Effectively For Advertising Your Business

Stickers are used to get politicians elected, build businesses, raise brand awareness and increase exposure. They are long-lasting and offer a great return on your investment through low cost per impression. You can use them cost-effectively to advertise your business in ways other mediums cannot. Make them interesting and think of stickers as a chance to relate to your audience. That way you can elevate them from a promotional item to a gift or reward you can hand out – people should want to put them on their property.

  • Stickers are a physical “like” for your brand, company, or enterprise.
  • They have a testimonial effect: Studies show that people still trust personal recommendations. A sticker is exactly that, an offline seal of approval, proclaiming “I associate myself with this.”
  • Stickers are powerful because once they appear on personal items, they are no longer perceived as advertising. Instead, they become endorsements that others trust.
  • You can use stickers as “swag” – include a sticker with orders or communication you mail out, and hand them out to paying customers. A quality sticker is more perceived as a gift than a business card, for example. If you treat them as something special, you can engage your customers as they will follow your example. They will actively think about how to make good use of your sticker.
  • Stickers are not just for giving away. Use them to cost-effectively brand your product, packaging or communication. Spread your message and brand!

To make stickers work for you, tie them in with your other marketing efforts, such as your corporate identity, website, flyers, business cards and your location (your store or office). When designing your stickers, ask yourself who you want to target, where you will find your audience, how you can engage them, what your unique values are and how you can communicate them. Sticker advertising is about a relationship with your customers. You can use stickers in different ways to connect and communicate with your audience and encourage them to advertise for you. Whenever you have stickers to be design by our signwriters don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.