Being a group of pilates teacher training Sydney entails great responsibility and accountability towards prospective clients. As the word “group”, we can definitely say that it involves more than 5 clients in a workout session. The typical salary for group fitness instructor is $50 per hour. In addition, workout environment is a form of class with music and proper workout equipment, if needed.

Most group fitness instructors love to teach and help other people. Just like any other classes, there are clients that are hard-headed and some are listening attentively. These attitudes, during group fitness training, are very common. Hence, this job not only talks about passion but also how you discipline your clients in a respectful way.

If these are things that you are looking forward in your future career, then you have to follow a standard process of becoming a group fitness instructor.

1. Know Your Passion

Before having a career in a fitness industry, it is important that you are a fitness enthusiast as well. If you decide to be in this profession, you must be into personal trainings, sports and outdoor activities. Most personal trainers aspire for challenges, adventures, outdoor fun and healthier lifestyle through fitness and diet. They have the attitude to live by it and continue to learn how to improve their lifestyle and inspire other people. Without these qualities and passion, you have the tendency to get tired and give up easily. We all know that most fitness trainings are tedious, sweaty, prone to injury, and tiring. Now, if you decide to be in this profession, it is very important if you are willing to take the risk. If yes, then follow the next guidelines….

2. Choose Your Fitness Certification

If you are physically and emotionally ready for being a group fitness instructor, then choose a fitness certification. There are varieties of fitness certification from aerobic, indoor and outdoor cycling, bodyweight and strength training certification. You must choose which training you would like to pass. We highly recommend ACE Group Fitness Instructor Certification because it can allow you to work in European countries because the certification holds an accreditation by the European Health and Fitness Association (EHFA).

3. Pass Your Group Fitness Certification

The exam is not easy as it seems. Therefore, you have to do plenty of homework and study hard. There are study guides that you can buy online if you want.

4. Apply for Job

After passing the group fitness certification, it is time for you to apply for a decent career in fitness centers and health care facilities. Don’t be afraid to show your abilities to several other places. Being a group fitness instructor, you can teach classes in country clubs, universities, community centers, and corporations.

5. Sell Yourself

After you pass the exam and able to hold a regular job as a group fitness instructor, then start spreading your worth. Word of mouth is a powerful tool for marketing yourself, therefore always invest good attitudes toward your client and of course show them the result that they want. You may also try social media to market your services.

6. Stay Relevant

Update your skills by studying again in different area of training specialties. You can also update your services by providing additional free helpful tips and products.