Donate now in asthma foundation to help people with this disease. Whenever donations are being requested in lieu of flowers you can still send flowers along with the charitable contribution. However, if you only wish to send one or the other, then you really should abide by the family’s wishes.

The tradition of sending flowers to a funeral home is fading somewhat. Today, many people are requesting funeral donations in lieu of flowers. Typically, unless a donation plate is being passed at church a cash memorial donation isn’t acceptable and never should be put in the mail. When you write a check you would not make it out to the deceased but ask who it should be payable to, the funeral home or the person seeing to your loved one’s wishes. Some of the other information that you will want to put on the check to the family includes your name, address and phone number. The family might want to send you a thank you note for your gift but remember that the family is grieving and may not be up to the task.

Funds are not always needed to assist with the memorial or funeral arrangements. Sometimes online donations are being requested for a trust that’s been established to help surviving family members. It is not unusual to raise money for children or a spouse left behind. Mounting medical bills still coming in or transportation costs for the close family to attend the services might be requested. This may be stated in the person’s obituary, death notice or shared via phone.

Etiquette in Online Donations

Crowd funding for Funeral Expenses, memorial donations or funds for the bereaving family has become very popular. If no one handling the deceased affairs has access to a computer the campaign can be established by a family member, close friend or funeral home. It is a way for families to get the word out to relatives and friends no matter where they are. It provides a platform that is easy for the donator.Instead of waiting for checks to come in the family can receive the funds quickly. The amount donated should be at least the same as what you would have spent on flowers. Your name can be listed or you have the option of an anonymous donation. Along with the donation there is usually a place to leave a message for the family or comment about the deceased and a place for you to connect with other family members and friends of the deceased. It is a way for everyone to see the donations that are coming in and encourage others to donate. You can donate by credit card, debit card and sometimes by a personal check. It is very helpful to assist the family in getting the word out through social media. Spread their requests to your contacts on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites.

An extra benefit of a crowd funding for funeral expenses online donation campaign is that it becomes a lasting memorial for your loved one. The pictures and the heartfelt story written by the organizer will always be available for viewing.

When donating directly to a charity and not to the family there may not be a place to leave a message for the deceased family. it is perfectly fine to make mention of it in a sympathy note that you send to the family. Of course, the main thing that you’ll want to do within such a note is express your sympathy to the family member and possibly even include a positive memory that you have about the deceased person but it’s also perfectly fine for you to make mention that you have made a contribution to their requested charity. It’s also fine to send them a tree or other living item that they can plant in their loved one’s honor.


We are a society of many cultures and spread across the globe. It has never been easier to help families with their loved one’s end of life expenses or to contribute to their favorite cause. If you are donating online make sure you know the person, charity collecting the funds or the crowd funding site.

Now that you know the proper etiquette surrounding funeral donations you should find it easier and, possibly even, more comfortable to make such donations. This is good news whenever you stop to consider that they are becoming much more common today and so you never know when you may be asked to make one in honor of a friend or loved one who has passed on.

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