It is a reality that very most people are not able to visualise a scene for a film, TV commercial, training video, sales video, or other kind of film simply from reading the script or a text. Storyboard artist are important contributors in the concept development and planning phase of any artistic production, especially those in film or video where there is a linear storyline.

Present those same individuals with a photo or image of some sort and they will understand the idea right away. The old saying is that “a picture tells a thousand words” and for extremely lots of people that holds true. Attempt, for instance to describe the beauty of a Red Admiral butterfly to someone in words only. Unless your name is actually Charles Dickens, William Shakespeare, or Colleen McCullough, you might discover it very challenging attempting to get over to them exactly what it appears like. In truth, you might have a tough time attempting to visualise it for yourself as you try to describe it.

Nevertheless, present those same individuals with a photograph or a painting of a Red Admiral and they will get the message instantly.

The Same With A Film Script

It is precisely the same with a movie script or a book that you desire to turn into a movie. It can be extremely tough to describe to somebody how excellent your TVC or video is going to be when you only have words to explain it. In many circumstances, they actually cannot “see” it.

What you require is a method of developing an image revealing your idea in a way where it can quickly be comprehended by the person or persons to whom you are presenting it.

Enter the freelance storyboard artist. A storyboard artist is someone who has the ability to visualise the idea of a script or other piece of text and turn it into an image or series of images so that it can quickly be understood. To puts it simply, he (or she) can see a photo in his mind’s eye then draw it so that anyone can comprehend what is going on in a scene.

An Additional Step

Some people believe that having actually a storyboard produced prior to beginning production of a film or TVC is simply an additional action which adds higher expense to the total budget and truly isn’t a requirement. Nevertheless, this is far from the truth. Definitely, using a freelance storyboard artist includes a small extra cost, but the time and expense savings later can far surpass this.

Your storyboard will show each shot of the movie or video in the proper order and will have notes stating exactly what is going on in the shot and explaining any script that is being utilized in the scene. This makes it very simple to discuss to your prospective customer, your team, or indeed anybody else, how the video will continue and exactly what it is everything about. Most stakeholders find it really tough to visualise something from a script, but your storyboard reveals them exactly how the video will play out.

It Will Help Considerably When It Comes To Production

Your storyboard will also help significantly when it concerns production. In effect you have actually created a prepare for shooting your movie or video which consists of all the various shots, the order where they happen, and how the script will connect with them. It enables you to prepare your coverage– the different camera angles that you will utilize– and it also makes sure that you do not inadvertently leave any scenes out and need to go back to movie them later: that of itself might conserve a significant quantity of money if you are recording on place. It will also conserve you time spent on revisions later on if you do not have a storyboard and something does not quite work out the method that you thinkinged.

Some individuals will inform you that you can develop a storyboard on your own, but it is a lot much easier stated than done, specifically if you are not great at drawing. It’s true that you do not need to be a Picasso since a bad drawing is much better than no drawing, however nevertheless you need to portray each shot as precisely as possible. You also have to include the script beneath each drawing with notes about what is going on in that specific shot.

Lots of people just do not have the skills to develop their own storyboard, so it is far better to use the services of a freelance storyboard artist such as Dean Mortensen who can visualise exactly what it is that you wish to state then draw the shots properly for you.

Making Storyboards For 30 Years

Dean Mortensen has been an art director of a marketing firm for 30 years, and has been producing storyboards for all 30 of them. He has now left the advertising business and is working out on his own as a freelance storyboard artist. He has the distinct capability to look at your script or text and then produce a storyboard revealing each shot exactly as it must look, together with the accompanying notes and script. What’s more, due to the fact that he has actually been creating storyboards for really numerous years he can produce them really rapidly when there are time restraints.

Dean has actually produced storyboards for the major companies such as Revlon, Y & R Group, Avis, Foxtel, Cuddly, Emirates, NSW Transport Maritime, Colgate, Tabcorp,, BWM, and a lot more. He has operated in numerous industries consisting of alcohol, FMCG, tourism, telecoms, retail services, entertainment, motor vehicles, and sport, amongst lots of others. He has actually also won prominent awards consisting of Gold & Bronze Cannes Lions, London International, D & ADVERTISEMENT, One Show, and New York Festivals.

Dean is readily setup to be assigned local work, and US based jobs with ease. Thanks duly to Dropbox and the internet, he is able to create your frames remotely and deliver his same exceptional quality and accuracy, as if he were just right next door in the next room.

Dean’s storyboards can be developed in various designs such as quick line basic, graphic pencil, line and a splash of colour, or exactly what he calls line and the whole caboodle.

So now you understand why you must have a storyboard produced and why you need to utilize a freelance storyboard artist in order to obtain the very best results. You can get in touch with Dean at +61-432564690 or email him at Learn more on how to developed your skills in creating a storyboard.