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Delicious BBQ Spread – Chilterns Catering Sydney

You know what it is like to be organising a party right, a great big hassle. I mean the amount of preparation time to put on a stellar event is enormous.

Without a doubt, catering for your own party or event is not worth the effort when you consider how enjoyable getting the function taken care of by someone else.

Prep time, clean up time and barely enough time in the middle (the party itself) to actually enjoy yourself. Now if it is your birthday party you definitely want someone who is a professional to look after the event for you.

BBQ Catering Companies in Sydney – Worth Noting

Just recently at my son’s wedding we employed the services of Chilterns Catering, they are a company with a fine reputation based in Surry Hills, Sydney and what a great choice that was to hire this lot.

Not only did they come up with a fantastic menu for my son and his fiancé, but they even impressed me and I am a fussy eater. You have to go along towards perfection to keep my kind happy, and they got my full approval.

Many times I have heard people complaining about being hungry when leaving an elaborate wedding function, only to be forced to pull in to a fast food outlet link McDonalds to get fully fed. This will not be case with Chilterns

and their oversupply of an abundance of dishes that cover entree, main course, dessert. All cooked on location and served piping hot.

You would have to go a long way to find a better crew for your next party, so give the go – you will be glad you did.