Going through the change of season always seems to create an atmosphere that a lot of people get sick with either a cold or the flu. We’ll remove rubbish and trees from wherever it’s located that is what rubbish removal Northern Beaches Sydney do.

It is not surprising that some people get sick. And it has nothing to do with the weather. It has a little to do with their family, friends and colleagues who are sick, but mostly how clean their house is.

This might seem a little strange, but realistically, if your house is clean, the nasty little critters will have no where to live, and you will not get sick. I am not talking about your physical house or home, but rather your body. Many refer to the human body as the ‘house’. It is the place where you live all of the time, even when you are away from home. Most people confuse their body as them, but it is merely a vessel to carry ‘you’ around.

If you get sick, your body is polluted and needs to be cleaned, to remove the rubbish and dirt where the germs, viruses and bacteria love to breed.

Have you ever noticed that when there is excess garbage and rubbish lying about with old food scraps and infestations of slop, the cockroaches and rats come out and seem to be in plague proportions ? Ever noticed that when you clean up the rubbish and remove the habitat that breeds parasites and vermin that the cockroaches, vermin and pests all go with it ? This is exactly how the body works. If you remove the rubbish and ‘breeding ground’ for pests and viruses, then they have no where to live and multiply.

Everyone has germs, pests, bacteria and viruses in and around them all of the time, but it is when the environment is right for their exponential multiplication and spreading is when people get sick. Although this revelation may seem common sense to some, it is important to understand what a clean house is, and how we achieve a clean house.

Most ‘normal’ people are well aware of hygienic principles, and generally abide by them for their home, but often fail to apply it to their body (house).

Preparation and handling of food: It is important to wash your hands before handling food – the same applies to removing any chemical sprays and insecticides. Removing the dangerous chemicals on the surface of fruits and vegetable before they enter the house (your body).

Picking up the rubbish. In the home we clean up our mess as it occurs. In the body, we need to remove the rubbish / chemical and poison deposits from medicines, harsh synthetic supplements etc.

Sweeping and mopping the floor. IN the home we all love a clean and dust free floor. The body is no different with left over ‘dirt’ and ‘grime’ and ‘fats’ from the junk food previously consumed. In order to ‘sweep the floor’, a decent detoxification is needed. Easy detox diets are good if there is not much dirt, however serious detox diets may need to be considered if there is a lot of thick plaque and grime build up from excessive abuse over time.

Wiping down the benches in the home is usually a nightly ritual, especially in the kitchen. Some sort of cleaning agent is used to remove the grime and food deposits left lying around. The body also needs a good wipe down every now and again. Lemon and citrus fruits are great for the internal ‘wipedown’ to help clean up and polish the internal walls and tubes.

Airing out the home is great for removing unwanted odors and the build up of toxins and chemicals from our man made and synthetic furnishings and furniture. It also helps ‘re-electrify’ and energize the air, bringing life back into the home. In order to ‘air out’ or flush out the body regularly, water is the perfect candidate. If we constantly drink sugar drinks, coffee or teas without enough water, we are not flushing out the system. Ever watch a spill of sugar soda or coffee evaporate on the bench ? It leaves a stain. Water on the other hand does not leave a stain, because it is pure. Apply this to the inside of your body. Water is there to flush and clean, re-energize and purify.

Applying all of these principles to your general health and living, will ensure your body is a healthy house.

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David Cummings is a Health Enthusiast and believes a healthy life today means a healthy life in the future. Your health is in your hands, treat yourself well.

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